Youth Consultation Events 2016

This project was funded by Wolverhampton Local Neighbourhood Police.

What is it and who is it for?

The funding enabled us to recruit and work with 25 young people from Wolverhampton aged 16-25 years to take part in the Fairness in Policing Youth Summit event with the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police.

What we did

We hosted events at Newhampton Arts Centre and The Way Youth Zone (In Wolverhampton) where we worked with the young people to uncover what they thought were the issues relating to the relationship between the Police and young people and fairness in Policing.

Some of the views of the young people were:

“The Police have a job to do”

“Media has a massive impact on feelings towards the Police”

“There needs to be more positive use of social media by the Police”

“Discrimination needs to be eradicated”

“There are issues in localities”

“Need more Police training”

We went on to work with a smaller group of the young people to help them to develop their confidence in readiness for taking part in the Youth Summit with the Chief Constable where they could put forward their views on behalf of Wolverhampton’s Young people.

We also attended the Youth Summit Event at Tally Ho Police Training Centre with the young people to support them in representing the young people of Wolverhampton.

The young people who attended the Youth Summit went on to be the founding members of the Wolverhampton Youth Discussion Forum.