We offer a wide range of services, not limited to the menu below which gives a flavour of our offer, and we are happy to discuss project requirements with clients and funders, old and new.

Early intervention and prevention programmes

Design, develop and deliver bespoke early intervention and prevention programmes in
schools and other settings – these programmes cover:

Self esteem and confidence

Realisation of potential
and ambition

of choices

The value of
healthy and positive

Managing risky behaviours
and situations



Develop and deliver tailored assemblies/seminars in schools, colleges and other settings – to meet the needs of the individual setting e.g. covering issues such as risky behaviours


Provide mentoring and coaching – relevant help and advice to individuals to support their development


Provide mediation and conflict resolution – support people to develop the skills to sort out their differences with others and support the mediation process between individuals and/or communities


Undertake advocacy – helping individuals and/or communities to speak up for themselves and representing them when they are unable to speak up for themselves


Develop and carry out consultation and engagement activities on behalf of organisations to collect the views of individuals or groups to inform change


Develop and deliver training packages covering a wide range of areas e.g. survey design, reducing parental conflict, youth engagement etc

Policy Advice

Provide policy and strategy advice and guidance across a broad spectrum of policy areas e.g. crime and safety, children, young people and families, equality, diversity and inclusion etc. Supporting organisations to develop and implement policies and strategies

Capacity Building

To support individuals and communities to build their resilience and overcome the barriers that limit full participation in their civic and personal lives

Organisational Development and Transformation

Support organisations to develop their people, systems and processes as well as implementing change