Square Pegs Round Holes

Square Pegs Round Holes is a not for profit community interest company working with children, young people, families and communities. Our primary purpose is to build the resilience of the people we work with and support them to recognise and overcome the barriers that may limit their full participation in the areas that impact their lives.

Who we are

Square Pegs Round Holes (Square Pegs) is a vibrant, Wolverhampton based company founded and set up in December 2015 by former colleagues Debbie Turner and Angela Spence.

We have over 60 years combined expertise and experience of working in the public and voluntary sector.

We are highly skilled, energised, motivated, committed and passionate about supporting positive change within organisations, communities and individuals. We are strong advocates for equalities and inclusion with a desire for making a difference to the lives of those we work with directly and indirectly

Angela Spence

Angela was born, educated and lives in Wolverhampton. Her passions are her family, traveI and photography.

She has a deeply held passion for helping people from whatever walk of life to work towards the best version of themselves.

Angela spent almost 29 years in the public sector working across multi-agency and multi-disciplinary partnerships to help improve the lives of local people.

She is a staunch advocate for justice and believes in championing the cause of those who find themselves in situations that are challenging and/or overwhelming.

Angela has worked locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to support the development and needs of children, young people and families.

She has undergraduate and post graduate qualifications in public administration and finance, management studies and law.  She has experience as a youth counsellor, mentor and mediator and has developed and delivered peer mediation schemes and resilience schemes for children and young people.

Debbie Turner

Debbie was born, educated and lives in Wolverhampton.

She is incredibly family orientated and loves nothing more than spending time in the company of family and friends.  Whether out and about or just being together having a chat with lots of laughter. 

Debbie is passionate about supporting and inspiring the people she comes into contact with and helping to empower them to reach for their dreams.

Debbie spent 26 years in the public sector working across multi-agency and multi-disciplinary partnerships to help improve the lives of local people. She also has a strong entrepreneurial streak.

She relishes the opportunity to be innovative and creative. 

Debbie has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and is trained in a range of specialist and non-specialist areas e.g. safeguarding, engagement and mediation

In Partnership With

Aldersely High School

City of Wolverhampton College

Claregate Primary

Colton Hills Community School

Coppice Performing Arts School

D’Eyncourt Primary School

Fallings Park Primary

Heath Park School

Highfields School

King’s CE School

Moseley Park School

Moreton School

Ormiston SWB Academy

Our Lady and St Chad Catholic Academy

Parkfield Primary

St Andrew’s CE Primary School

St Edmund’s Catholic Academy

St Matthias School

Smestow School

The Royal School

Wednesfield High Academy

West Midlands Construction UTC (University Technical College)

West Park Primary School

Woden Primary